Super8 & Tab, Fatum- Open My Eyes

Super8& Tab and Fatum have released their first track off of Part II of Super8 & Tab’s ‘These Little Stories’ album. Titled ‘Open Your Eyes’, the Finnish duo link up with the Grammy nominated quartet for an exciting track.

Firstly, it is a track full of power and melodic intent. Second, it gives off nostalgic big room festival vibes where the artistic styles of both groups shine through. This song truly shows what stadium-quivering trance music is all about.

Trance is not something new to the Finnish trance duo of Miika Eloranta (Super8) and Janne Mansnerus (Tab). With almost two decades of experience, they continue to elate us with productions of grandeur. Their armory of remix albums, remixes, and singles leaves us wanting more every time. If this track doesn’t give you nostalgic vibes of festival season, then I don’t know what will. For all the trance fam out there, this one is for you.

Partnering with the four American producers, Bill, Chad, Bruce, and Daniel succeeds them in their goal. That is to work together in producing dance music of the highest caliber.

‘These Little Stories’ Part I comes from how our stories intertwine with theirs. In celebration of the big events that link our lives to their songs, we anxiously wait for its sequel. There is a special moment where we smiled, reflected, and got emotional during a song. That’s what trance music is all about. Its memories like these that add meaning to our life.

Now that summer is here, the festival FOMO is more real than ever. Will we get a live stream from Super8 & Tab for Luminosity Beach Festival’s broadcast? At the moment it is still unsure but hopefully, we see more live streams soon.

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