Tiger Stripes, one of Drumcode’s finest talents, is giving us another classy two-track EP. Taking underground and tech house to a new abyss, we see its release on Drumcode 228.

Jack The Garage’ gives us fast and furious vibes. It mixes up dancefloor functionalism with raw and distorted sounds. Inspired by garage rock bands like The 13 Floor Elevators and The Stooges, its acidic synths torment us into an unrelenting bassline. Picking up the pace towards the end, bend your mind and ears with this one.

Back in Black’ draws influence from the unlikeliest of sources. Did you know that it came from the smooth synthesized sounds of Travis Scott? Ever since Mikael Nordgren’s daughter introduced him to the hip-hop master, we get this. A song filled with electro-fused techno, bass stabs, muffled vocals, and distorted guitar stabs. This is an interesting and unique sounding track to the genre. A surprising amalgamation, but a sweet AF banger.

Nordgren is the man behind the regal moniker. He has appeared on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode and Truesoul labels eight times in the past 11 years. The Swede is a master of machines and sound design. He imbues his productions with heaps of creativity and futurism across genres. His last release, ‘Into Isolation’, beautifully mixed super-charged techno, trance, and galloping bass into a five-track masterpiece.

He’s doing 2020’s work in releasing two additional tracks into his arsenal. Always bringing the heat to DC, all his works reinforce the breadth and strength of his studio work. If you’re looking for new songs to mix, workout to, or jam out with, take a listen to these aces.

Don’t sleep on this EP, check out the two songs below. Those crunchy sounds aren’t going to listen to themselves.

Tiger Stripes — Back In Black — Drumcode — DC228 | Buy/Stream