Camelphat Releases Hypnotic Single ‘Hypercolour’

The Liverpool based duo Camelphat has shared their latest single ‘Hypercolour’ featuring Foals and Yannis.

No introduction is needed for Camelphat or Foals. From playing chaotic house parties in native Liverpool and Oxford, to playing Europe’s biggest festivals, both artists groups have had impressive careers.

After an album date announcement and several singles with iconic artists like Artbat. one of tech house’s most popular duos, Camelphat is back with a dreamy and fantastic single.

Although the track title and artwork suggest the complete opposite, ‘Hypercolour’ sounds rather dark. The deep and enigmatic style of the track is accompanied by the melodious voice of Foals’ vocalist. The vocals echo through the verses, making the song sound even more mysterious.

Camelphat Hypercolour new single

The dark synths and basslines immediately grab our attention and do not let our focus stray away.

The track is a result of a couple of recording seasons. The first session in Liverpool and another in London.

“We’ve been longtime fans of Foals after seeing them live a number of times over the years, and they have always been on our list to collaborate with. “Thankfully, the feeling was mutual.”

Camelphat to Forbes

Camelphat’s latest track is certainly a praiseworthy recommendation for anyone in need of an addition to their playlists. Stream ‘Hypercolour’ below and enjoy!