Hot Since 82 Releases First Song From Upcoming Album

Hot Since 82‘s first track from his new album, Recovery, is finally here! After its announcement, the track which helps understand what this new project is all about is finally here. Titled ‘Eye Of The Storm’, Hot Since 82’s latest track will put you in a relaxed mood, fully showcasing what this legendary project is all about. ‘Eye Of The Storm’ was released through British label Knee Deep In Sound

Hot Since 82

Hot Since 82 Releases First Track From Upcoming Album

Teaming up with London-based singer-songwriter Liz Cass, Hot Since 82 latest track is just perfect. Smoothly pairing a seductive melody with Cass’ vocals, we enter the world of house. House which takes all over your mind and makes it get lost inside a plethora of sounds, hypnotizing your senses and numbing them to the outside world, leaving only your mind to walk through a path of pure bliss and fascination.

When speaking about this track, Hot Since 82 stated on an interview:

“The song was written during this crazy pandemic and is about pain and survival. It is a deep but melodic version of my usual style. Oddly enough, ‘Recovery’, the album’s title track, was created last year, but now it feels even more appropriate for these tough times

Based on this statement, we can certainly draw some conclusions about what Hot Since 82 wants to convey on this new sound. The first track has already earned a lot of appreciation from his fan base, who agree this new track certainly showcases the DJs old sound, but in a completely different way. So, once again, Hot Since 82 showcases his talent for modifying his sound. Right now, we’re standing on the eye of the storm. However, we’ll eventually reach the time of Recovery. And when that happens, we’ll join Hot Since 82’s journey, which will take us to a new chapter.

Stream Hot Since 82 – Eye Of The Storm Ft. Liz Cass below!