It’s been about a year since Armin van Buuren and Benno de Goeij released the first GAIA album ‘Moons of Jupiter’. To celebrate, they released this GAIA ‘moons of Jupiter’ interview, where they discuss multiple things regarding the GAIA project.

More than 20 years ago, GAIA’s first single ‘4 Elements’ was produced only by Armin van Buuren. Nine years later, together with Benno de Goeij, they released ‘Tuvan’ and since then they have been an unstoppable force.

In the following years, they have continued releasing music and doing occasional performances under the alias. They never released an album, until last year.

GAIA moons of Jupiter interview

Armin and Benno conceive GAIA as the most personal and experimental project they have. At the same time, the alias rescue the classic sounds they grew up with, from artists like Kraftwerk or Vangelis.

“Throughout the years, we created a variety of synths, beats and loops that were more underground and not always useable for my sound and genre. We always had so much fun exploring different genres and charting different loops and sounds that we felt it was time to combine this under the name GAIA.”

Armin van Buuren

The album contains 21 new songs ranging from ambient and chillout to melodic techno and trance. Each of them named after one of the orbiting Jupiter satellites, the largest planet in our solar system. Interestingly, thanks to a space mission with the same name as the duo. We now know the real dimensions of the Europa moon.

“We’ve really stepped out of our comfort zone, exploring both minimalistic as well as complex sounds, creating track arrangements live on stage rather than in the studio. We even created our own hardware, giving us all the freedom to take people on the journey to the Moons Of Jupiter.”

Benno de Goeij

Check out the full interview below.