Surgeons Told To Stop Listening to Drum & Bass While Operating

Drum and Bass has reportedly been known to put patients at risk during surgery. According to news publication, Independent, this is why surgeons have been advised to refrain from listening to it.

Based on research made by the National Journal of Nurses, playing music during procedures makes it difficult to concentrate. A small study was conducted in various operating rooms in UK hospitals, examining doctors’ work while playing music. The results revealed that this act made staff repeat steps, hindered communication, and caused frustration.

Drum and Bass and dance music, in particular, were found to have caused the most issues. Nurses found it especially hard to understand the instructions that were given by surgeons. In addition, it was played the loudest during procedures.

Although this study reveals that music can alter a doctor’s medical performance, there is another study that claims it can do the opposite. Published by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, plastic surgeons were asked to stitch a wound with and without music. The results revealed that stitch quality was improved and time was reduced by eight to ten percent. Nonetheless, the study confirmed that music, particularly that of preference, can improve a surgeon’s quality of work and efficiency.