deadmau5 published a comment on Reddit where he reveals his team is working in a streaming platform for himself and all mau5trap artists due to they are “over the corporations.”

Joel Thomas Zimmerman has been very active last month. From a collaboration track with The Neptunes titled ‘Pomegranate‘, Fortnite concerts, Testpilot presentations, and talking about music-making in isolation, his musical endeavors have been entertaining to follow to say the least.

And now, there’s more: a recent Reddit post reveals his future plans. An entire streaming platform for himself and the artists of his label.

Deadmau5 streaming platform

Many people have expressed excitement regarding this streaming platform. Others feel that they have seen this news before. Will it become just another streaming platform, or will this be another project that becomes a major deadmau5 success? Only time will tell.

Even with this new project, deadmau5 never stops. This week, he’s perfomring on the Gaming 2 Give Back this week on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to benefit No Kid Hungry

For every unique viewer across the United States, PUBG Corporation will donate $1. So, all you have to do is tune in to make a difference. Also, you can make a direct donation. While deadmau5’s streaming platform is coming, it’s an excellent opportunity to watch him in action.