Lane 8 & Anderholm Team Up on ‘Roll Call’

Daniel ‘Lane 8’ Goldstein and Anderholm‘s collaboration, ‘Roll Call,’ is finally out for all to hear via This Never Happened. You might have heard it before as it was the first track played out on Lane 8’s ‘Groundhog Daymixtape.

Back in 2018, both artists collabed on a track titled ‘Bluebird,’ and it’s nice to see them follow up that gem with another one. Daniel had a few words to say about Anderholm, who’s music he’s hosted on his imprint before featuring multiple bodies of work.

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really excited to have “Roll Call”, my second collaboration with @anderholmmusic out today!! Anderholm was the first artist I ever signed to @thisneverhappenedlabel and looking back, its pretty crazy that we have released such a rich body of work from him in a few short years. when I think of anderholm’s music, one word comes to mind above all: texture. those little crunchy sounds he creates- I have no idea where they come from, but they are so so magical and inspiring. listening to his music transports me back to being 7 years old, diving into a big pile of leaves in the backyard, hearing them crunch under my feet. I’ve tried to translate that sense of joy and wonder into our collaborations and I’m really happy with the result. listen via the link in my story or bio ❤️❤️

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The Track

‘Roll Call’ combines both artists’ sounds harmoniously showcasing both the melodic and groovy skill set of each. Moreover, the resonating synth tones lushly intertwine with the deep rolling bass giving the track a heavy body. Finally, the vocal chops which appear every so often, breathe further life into the collaboration.

Listen to Lane 8 and Anderholm’s ‘Roll Call’ which released via This Never Happened below.