American DJ-producer Whethan is back! Today, the artist released his new track ‘So Good’ featuring German singer Bülow. As Whethan’s new album Fantasy approaches, this new track is here to quench our thirst in the meantime.

‘So Good’ uses strong drums and perfect rhythm to create a vibe, one specific to Whethan’s music only. By using stronger sounds to cut the beat, he produces a slow rhythm symphony. Furthermore, Bülow’s vocals fit the song beautifully and enhances the song’s chill ambience. After a mellow build-up, we enter an unexpected, bass-heavy drop. The song is yet another example of the artist’s talent to blend bass with more relaxed tunes.

After experiencing Whethan’s energy first hand at EDC Mexico, I was craving some new music from the wildflower boy himself. 2020 has been filled with multiple tracks from this awesome artist, including ‘Stay Forever’ (feat. STRFKR), ‘All In My Head’ (feat. grandson), and Upside Down (feat. Grouplove). Now, he returns with this stellar piece.

As Fantasy‘s release date approaches, we can’t wait for what the young artist will bring to the table. He definitely represents the true style of future bass, and this track is no different.

Stream ‘So Good’ by Whethan featuring Bülow below!