1001Tracklists Team Creates Songstats App

Songstats is a newcomer to the scene of music analytics. It ranks alongside Next Big Sound (by Pandora), Semetric and Asaii (both Apple) to help artists, managers, and labels, make sense of their social and musical stats.

Songstats was started by the same team behind 1001Tracklists. One of the largest DJ tracklist database. Songstats is a web and app-based program that can be used to analyze tack data from Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

“Songstats was born out of a desire to aggregate everything into a single app, notify you straight away on what’s most significant, and make it easy to understand the many ways in which you can take advantage of data-driven growth opportunities,” says CEO Oskar Eichler. A free trial is being offered to help people test it out. The program will charge $10 a month for artists, $15 a month for Labels, and $75 per month for unlimited all access.

The program is used by Armada Music, Spinnin’ Records, Kaskade, and so many more industry giants with hundreds of thousands of tracks and playlists already analyzed.