Facebook App is Switching To a Bottom Bar

While Facebook is working hard to fight the coronavirus, it appears some changes are in store for the app. The Facebook Android app appears to be rolling out some updates for select users. There are reports that a new design is appearing with a bottom bar on Android, which might be an exciting update for many users.

facebook android

Facebook has been allegedly working on a bottom bar for its Android app for a while. A recent addition was adding a big “F” menu button in the middle of the screen. This helps manage notifications, and showed they were working on new design solutions.

However, Facebook has been tinkering with a new design for a while both on mobile, and desktop. They rolled out a sleek new dark-mode for desktop and even a desktop app for messenger. That said, we aren’t totally surprised to see changes to the mobile app.

facebook android

Facebook seems to be rolling out these changes at an important time for its users. Many companies like Facebook and Google have been doing their part to assist the fight of the coronavirus. Google maps has been helping identify when a local business tends to be the most crowded, and Facebook has been helping share anonymous data  to stop the spread.