Facebook Rolling Out New Look with Dark Mode

The time has come, Facebook has finally rolled out its brand new interface to the majority of its users. Now, pretty much all Facebook users will be able to check out the new redesign and decide whether or not it’s for them. In all, the new redesign interface aims for a less cluttered screen and easy use of access. In addition, a much needed dark mode has been implemented that gives the site a refreshing look.

As of now, users can choose to turn on the redesigned look before it becomes standard later this year. When Facebook permanently changes the design later this year, there may be a few tweaks done. Earlier this year, some users had the chance to test the new interface when asked by Facebook. Now, if anyone goes to the settings menu and clicks “See New Facebook”, they too can experience the update.

When comparing the old and new interfaces, you’ll notice there’s a lot less packed onto the screen. The left column where ‘Shortcuts’ and “Explore” are located has a larger, more bold font. In addition, the news feed has oddly shrunk in the center of the screen. Now, there are two blank columns on each side of the news feed which feels sort of incomplete. Also much of the iconic Facebook blue on the top bar has been taken out and replaced with white. Lastly, you’ll also find minor tweaks on your Facebook profile page and group pages.

In all, Facebook has made these changes in an attempt to keep users interested and engaged in the app. The last thing they wanted was an outdated interface that made the site feel forgotten. Still, there are mixed feelings on the updated interface, with many users saying it feels incomplete or full of wasted space. Let us know your thoughts on the redesign and what you’d like changed going forward.