Duke Dumont’s Debut Album ‘Duality’ Is Finally Here, and It’s a Soul Healer

It’s here. It’s finally here. Duke Dumont‘s debut album Duality is out now. A month after its announcement, one of EDM’s most awaited albums is finally here. The biggest work to date from one of house music most renowned arrives today. But, how good is Dumont’s Duality? Join me, and I’ll tell you:

Duality: A Spiritual Journey Through House

‘Therapy’: The first track inside Dumont’s new album is undoubtedly one of my favorites. Dumont begins his new album with a track that pairs gospel vocals with beautiful piano chords before rising into a breathtaking spiral and letting you go into a drop filled with ecstasy and bliss. You won’t be able to stop feeling the love and dancing to this perfect masterpiece, and we’re just getting started!

‘The Power’ (feat. Zak Abel): Amazing vocals and mellow disco-like vibes continue into Dumont’s second track on the album. However, this drop is a stronger one. Filled with strong brass sounds and a set of organic non-metallic drums, the party continues as you feel the power and get louder!

‘Obey’ (feat. Roland Clark): As we continue our journey, we enter into the ancient house sounds. Simple and repeated vocals, filled with synthesized strong sounds remind us of the early UK-sounds that compose this song, taking you into a rave-like frenzy. There’s nothing to do, but OBEY!

‘The Fear’ (feat. Niia): This fourth song reminds me a lot of Dumont’s early sound. With beautiful vocals by Niia, perfectly placed silences and a delicious hook, all your fears are pushed away as the majestic melodies inside the song ascend into a catalyst of emotions.

‘Nightcrawler’ (feat. Say Lou Lou): Dumont continues to take us down memory lane, striking the sound and style that took him to the top in the 5th track of his debut album. ‘Nightcrawler’ perfectly embodies a groovy and nostalgic sound. The guitar chords in the back of this track are pure excellence. Undoubtedly, it is a track that will rule every dance floor around the world once clubs come back.

An Old Classic Returns, as We Approach Journey’s End

‘Ocean Drive’ (Reprise): What can you do to a song that’s already perfect in every single aspect? ‘Ocean Drive’ is a song that dominated the world when it came out. However, in this reprise, Dumont adds an exquisite, out-of-this-world acoustic intro. As the back sounds ascend, we are suddenly dropped into one of EDM’s all-time classics. New and small, yet perfectly fitted additions are now part of a record that will forever live in our hearts.

‘Together’ (feat. How To Dress Well): Unity. Unity is the feeling this track gives me. After a set of vocals that will make you scream them into the sky, the drums make you ascend into a state of total and complete ecstasy. How To Dress’ vocals are a perfect addition as they coexist in harmony with the hook, creating a perfect vocal fusion that explodes into this crazy drop. The song allows you to leave all your worries and fears behind, putting music and only music in the center of your mind and heart.

‘Love Song’: After letting all that energy out, ‘Love Song’ allows you to rest for a moment. Your mind stays behind, as only your body responds to a synthesized-chord filled build-up that ends in a delightful classic house drop. Joined by Dumont’s chords throughout, ‘Love Song’ fills you with nothing but happiness and pleasure. The small interlude filled with brass notes then brings you to a second drop which mixes in the pre-drop melody in a celestial way. Certainly, an enjoyable track made to be danced to again, and again, and again.

We Reach The End

‘Overture’: Aren’t interludes supposed to just be like a bridge? GOD, WHAT A PERFECT SOLO! MAJESTIC! AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL! PERFECTION! This was one of the most enjoyable moments inside the album. The element of surprise, and the fact that this interlude does not resemble any other I’ve heard before made it just an amazing way to enter the last song of Dumont’s album.

‘Let Me Go’ (feat. RY X): The surprises continue as we enter the last song of Dumont’s work of art. The longest track. Another perfect piano melody – this time joined by Australian singer RY X’s angelical voice, which takes us into a divine melody. We continue to sore through the skies of our own mind until we’re let go in a drop that concludes the journey. A drop that signifies the end of the voyage. Drums make their frenetic exit into the track’s outro. And then, one last hook and a perfect set of piano chords. The end of a spiritual travel. A perfect end.

Final Thoughts On Duality

That’s how good Duke Dumont’s Duality is. Pure. Perfect. So complex yet so understandable. Filled with messages humanity needs to hear. A religious journey through house. A perfect journey composed by one of the biggest musicians we’ve seen these past years inside one of EDM’s oldest genres. I have no more compliments to give. I’m simply amazed. Duke Dumont’s Duality is the most breathtaking album I’ve listened to since Steve Angello released Human. That’s as high as I can praise an album.

Duality is what it’s all about – it’s a Soul Healer. In 2019, we saw Duke Dumont cancel all his public appearances and tours due to a health operation. Now, he returns to heal both himself and us. And he does so perfectly. This is what house music should sound like. This is the journey dance music is supposed to take you through. My heart is so full right now. If you listened to the album while reading this, I want to thank you for allowing me to join you on this journey. Duality is here, and I wouldn’t be surprised if, by the end of the year, it claimed every single dance award it’s nominated to. A perfect album. An amazing artist. A journey like no other.

Stream Duality, Duke Dumont’s debut album, down below!