EDMTunes Presents JadeTopia: First All Asian DJ Virtual Festival

The recent increase in racial crimes against Asians has really affected me. As an Asian American myself, I wanted to take a step in assisting our community as well as offer my support towards COVID-19 relief. I came up with the idea of bringing together some of the most talented Asian electronic musicians from across the world to host the first ever all Asian virtual music festival. 

The event is called JadeTopia and will launch next Friday, April 24th. We have partnered with 1001Tracklist and Facebook groups, Subtle Asian Ravers and Subtle Asian Dating to premiere this event. The two Facebook groups consist of more than 670,000 active members combined who are mostly Asians that take pride in supporting Asian artists. 

The entire livestream event is a charitable fundraiser for COVID-19. Viewers tuning into our stream will have the opportunity to donate money directly to the Direct Relief organization. 100% of the money raised by our stream will be donated to Direct Relief to help their fight against coronavirus. 

JadeTopia will premiere on Facebook Live on EDMTunes and Twitch. The stream will also be cross-posted on all the Facebook groups listed above. Artists that will be performing for our livestream event include Elephante, Henry Fong, DJ Soda, Florian Picasso, Raiden, and many other Asian artists from across the world.

Click here to sign up for our event to receive access to our exclusive event and check out our Facebook Event page here now! Can’t wait to see you guys all there!