The nightclub Concrete hailed as “the best venue for techno and house music lovers in Paris” on RA has officially closed, and there isn’t much of a silver lining. For Parisians alike, the new bar replacing Concrete is described as a “tasteless cocktail bar/club“. Concrete founder Brice Coudert shared this sentiment, and also that it doesn’t seem like a great alternative to the iconic nightclub.

nightclub concrete

The new bar is called Le Mazette, and will be opening this Friday. Furthermore, their motto couldn’t get more cheesy. They would like to have the audience of those “who find that bars close too early and clubs too late”. Their opening weekend will feature John Gómez DJ alongside members of Berlin’s Habibi Funk label.

The iconic Concrete Paris nightclub which was located on a three-level boat docked on the Seine had operated since 2011. The club officially closed back in July 2019. It was inevitably forced to close following a dispute with the property’s owners. However, following the closing, they opened Dehors Brut, in Paris which is still open.

The owners shared a touching statement about the club upon the closing. It paints a picture of the kind of club it once was:

It’s also been 8 years since we’ve been trying to build the best club possible, despite the heavy financial and administrative constraints, and we’re working hard to give you all the music and artists that we feel are the ones to be the most defendable in our niche.