Ekali Lays Down Some B2B Etiquette

Today things are a bit spicier in the world of B2B sets, with Ekali dipping his toes in the controversy – so grab the popcorn. In a recent tweet visible below, Ekali lays down some ground rules on B2B etiquette. If this led you straight into the Google-sphere to dig around and try to find which artist the Candian producer is dishing the dirt on, you’re not the only one. The Tweet has also drawn some amusing responses from other artists such as Alison Wonderland, but we’ll leave you to discover that part on your own.


Earlier in the week, we explored the potential pros and cons of the growing trend for B2B sets. Notably, whether a B2B set compromises the ability for artists to offer their fans a unique journey. In 2020 we can already expect a number of heavy-hitting B2B sets. Some of these upcoming sets include EDC Miami, Tomorrowland Winter, Tomorrowland Belgium, and Bass Canyon.

So I guess the moral of the story is that sharing is caring, guys. In B2B sets, just like in life, it should be an equal balance of give and take, and sharing your successes. Oh, and most importantly, not getting yourself b***hsmacked.