There’s a stunning serenade throughout Jorn Van Deynhoven’s first-ever album The Future Is Now, reminding us why he’s such an icon in the community. After being on hiatus after a major health scare in 2018, he is back and stronger than ever. He makes his graceful return to the scene with this new album – one with melodic consistency and its own orchestrated tranquilizing soundscape.

This album really drives the need to look around, take a breath, and be present in the moment. It’s unmistakably a “thank you” and a “told you” at the same time. Jorn Van Deyhoven shows his gratitude to his fans by churning out anthems, all while relentlessly showing that nothing can hold him back musically.

His singles preceding this album release include ‘I Need Your Lovin (Like The Sunshine)’ and ‘Waiting On The Other Side.’ Both tracks are fantastic teasers of what to expect from The Future Is Now – they carry the overall vibe and general tone for the collective. There are many levels to this dynamic album, and it shows as it runs through the veins of each track.

Tracks That Stood Out

‘The Future Is Now’

The title track really struck me amongst all the others because of its instrumental arrangement and melancholic tone. There’s nothing generically trance about it, yet somehow it’s the reason why I like it.

It carries weight in composition, but in a sense, it reminds everyone that music can be translated into multiple genres without constraint. It also shows Jorn Van Deynhoven’s versatility as a composer.


‘Flashback’ stood out to me for one very apparent reason. The stunning tempo changes about halfway through the track. By taking us out of the track in that way, it made us aware of the movement happening.

The track reminds you to pay attention and take a moment; then it throws you back into the heart of the song. It’s like the world goes into slow-motion for just a moment. It’s asking, if not seeking, your attention.

‘Festival Del Sol’

‘Festival Del Sol’ might honestly be my favorite song on this album. I find a peaceful warmth in this song every time I listen. Given the name of the track, it only makes sense that there would be a warmer more organic tone.

The song has an Iberican sound quality to it as well as a Tropical House vibe. The percussion isn’t heavy, and it’s a very apparent difference in style than the other songs. I really like that this one breaks the mold and goes into a more melodic and mellow approach. It lets the instrumentals talk while the vocals take a step back. The nature of the song is very organic and the guitar is super clean coming through.

I really appreciate this track stepping out of the trance box and into a blend of so many subgenres at once.

‘The Sense Of Life’

While this track is at the beginning of the track list, I found it to be one I kept going back to after each listen.

‘The Sense Of Life’ has an interstellar quality to it. There’s an organic birth of some sort of galactic beginning. It’s reminds us that even though things change, there’s always a new beginning. There’s also an innocence in the song that rings out through the arp. Almost a child-like wonder of everything around and what it all means. I feel like this track wants the listener to be self-aware and allow for that introspective look.

It’s like walking into a spring to cleanse yourself of anything bad, reminding us that music can be our love. Collective love. A healing love. Something we all desperately need right now.

Album Overview

The Future Is Now radiates hope. It shows us the strength we’ve seen from Van Deynhoven releasing this album after everything he’s been through. In light of everything happening in the world right now, it would do us good to follow in his footsteps.

It’s doing what a proper trance album should. It makes you feel alive and looking to the good in the future. Not the past nor the moment you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed. It wants to take you away from that. It wants to comfort you in only a way any music can really.

To me, escapism in its finest form will always be a beautiful trance song. To have multiple songs do that in one album or an album as a whole is a very special thing. I’d say many people who adore the genre or are just getting into it would agree.

I think there’s something even more special about this album now as we’ve seen how the past few months have changed drastically. I find it would be irresponsible for me to not address the collective stress, worry, and uncertainty we are all feeling.

Things change. The world spins around. We all wonder, what next?

This album questions this but also reminds us to remember that we are here, present, and with hope. It gave me a great sense of joy, and for just a while, a weight had been lifted. I really truly do wish the same for you.

We all need it. It’s okay to need that.

So please, do take a moment and listen however you can to The Future Is Now because while it seems like the darkness has taken over, we still do indeed, have a future.