Above & Beyond keeps bringing joy to the people even in these hard, struggling times. With the new coronavirus affecting the lives of more than 600,000 people all over the world, the British trio has released a new track to keep you entertained. If, like us, you have to stay at home, check out Above & Beyond’s ‘Bittersweet & Blue’.

Richard Bedford is, of course, the chosen one to bring vocals to this song. His first collaboration with Above & Beyond was back in 2006 for the hit (now a classic) ‘Alone Tonight‘, and ever since, every joined venture between them has become a masterpiece.

‘Bittersweet & Blue’ has the typical Above & Beyond style – a trance styled track with a clear beat and a few very intense drops. The lyrics fall a bit on the melancholic side, but it wouldn’t really be Above & Beyond if it didn’t have a bittersweet taste in the end, right?

In other news, Above & Beyond’s Paavo Siljamäki has recently been diagnosed with COVID-19. Though he only has mild symptoms, we wish him a speedy recovery. Get better soon, Paavo!

To listen to ‘Bittersweet & Blue’ in its three versions (Original, Club Mix and Extended mix), hit play below. Enjoy and stay at home!

Above & Beyond – Bittersweet & Blue