Abraxis & Crystal Skies – Night Rider

Abraxis, aka Seven Lions and Dimibo’s psytrance project, debuted their new single ‘Night Rider‘ at Dreamstate SoCal last year. They collaborated on this with Crystal Skies. Now, it is finally out on Ophelia Records.

It is a stunning track that incorporates dubstep, melodic bass, psytrance beats, and an aggressive attitude. In the beginning, it eerily starts off towards a progressive buildup. Soon after, the melody becomes menacing, and dark electro sounds accompany the stuttering synths in the background. This is perfect for driving on dark nights, lit only by the street lights as you choose your journey home.

Then–in Abraxis fashion–the hype begins as psytrance enters. Initiate your headbanging, folks. A guitar riff then enters and eggs on the hard, rocking vibes. Just over five minutes, the song transitions between genres rather fluidly. Here, we can see each artist’s individual musical style intertwine together for a downright banger. As it ends, it wouldn’t be right without some dubstep. Namaste to all.

The melodic bass comes from Britian Holcomb and Aaron Dawson of Crystal Skies. They are an American EDM duo that evolved their dubstep sound into a refined user experience. Starting out solo and partnering together after, their chemistry quickly rose them among the Soundcloud ranks. With an unrelenting desire to create new music, they fit right in with Abraxis. This year is all about new things, music, and news.

Psytrance and melodic dubstep almost go hand in hand, but for Seattle based duo, Dimibo, it is their livelihood. Jeff Montalvo’s penchant for melodic dubstep gives him great skill in transitioning to the wavy waters of psy. We cannot wait to see what else the project has in store for us this year.

Enjoy the track you’ve been patiently waiting for below.

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