During the time we spend listening to music on Spotify, wouldn’t it be nice if we knew when our favorite artists were having nearby shows? With a new partnership between Spotify and Resident Advisor, this will become a reality. Listeners will now be shown gigs in their area with their newly found and all-time favorite artists! Most importantly, this is all done through the Spotify app, not through external searches on the web. That means less time trying to find upcoming events and fewer missed outings!

“Our collaboration with Spotify is a brilliant evolution of the work we have been doing for almost two decades to support the work of the independent artists, venues and promoters which act as the pillars of those scenes.”

In all, Resident Advisor hopes this collaboration will benefit local, independent promoters. Local promoters are often running on less money while attempting to support new artists. But yes, they also want to ensure you, the listener is happy as well! With the Spotify app, users will now be able to see Resident Advisor events at nearby venues. From there, one would be able to see event information, lineups, and even purchase tickets.

As you likely know, Resident Advisor has experience selling tickets to countless events globally. They also claim to be ‘the largest independently-owned media platform in music journalism’. RA cofounder Nick Sabine stated that “The vitality of local scenes is essential for the sustainability and creativity of the global electronic music community”. With Spotify’s millions of users, their mutual goal to “Drive millions of music fans to local venues” just may be achievable.

Lastly, you can read more about the Spotify and RA collaboration here.