EU DJs Will Need A Visa To Perform In The UK After Brexit Is Official

Prior to Brexit, EU DJs and Musicians enjoyed luxury of performing in the United Kingdom without a visa. But, once the vote passed for the UK to leave the European Union, this all changed. Starting in 2021, musicians crossing the English Channel will now need a Tier 5 visa to perform.

This was announced in a policy statement released on Tuesday by the government. You can refer to section #20 and #21 for the details. The visa will be needed for live performance, competitions, auditions, promotional activities, workshops, and taking part in cultural events.

It is yet to be determined how this will effect some of UK’s biggest festivals. Although it isn’t the biggest hassle to apply for a visa, some talent might not be able to be booked regardless. A Tier 5 visa costs up to £244 and requires a certificate of sponsorship. Once granted, Tier 5 visa schemes last for between 12 and 24 months. The House of Lords’ EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee had this to say about the new policy:

“such a development would be to the detriment of the U.K. cultural sector, and represent a significant loss to the audiences that enjoy seeing talent from across Europe performing in the U.K.”