Skrillex And Diplo’s Jack Ü Album Turns 5 Years Old

We love Skrillex. We love Diplo. And we Love Skrillex and Diplo together. As many of you may remember, back in 2013, these two producers came together and joined forces to create their legendary duo Jack Ü. The duo would later release their legendary album Skrillex and Diplo present Jack Ü. Unfortunately, that was the only material ever released under this project. And now, it’s the day. Skrillex And Diplo’s Jack Ü Album Turns 5 Years Old.

Jack Ü
On 2013, Skrillex and Diplo came together to create Jack Ü

Skrillex and Diplo present Jack Ü

In 2015, Jack Ü took over the world. Their new album was loved by everyone. It was premiered at EDC Mexico, and the results were amazing. Diplo and Skrillex perfectly mixed their genres. They managed to take pop artists and perfectly fuse them inside EDM. Their most famous song ‘Where Are Ü Now’ featuring Justin Bieber gathered over 800 million streams. Their job was amazing. The two producers complimented each other perfectly. Then, suddenly, it ended. Jack Ü stopped after just one album, and one of the most exciting projects came to an end. These five years, fans have asked time after time to reunited the duo. This, however, has not happened. We can’t be sure what happened, and we can only hope Jack Ü will be back soon.

Both artists have given teasers. However, it’s hard for artists with many projects to get together. Between Diplo and Skrillex, there are 8 projects and side projects to be accounted for. That’s without Jack Ü. Yeah, you read that right. After reading this, who could blame them for not having time to work on another project. It’s just too much. Oh well. Skrillex And Diplo’s Jack Ü Album Turns 5 Years Old. So, take your time guys, no hurry. Hopefully, we’ll enjoy Jack Ü once again. If not, it was good while it lasted.

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