Igloofest Set Shows Rüfüs Du Sol’s Versatility

It’s only been a few weeks since the lights finally faded over the glowing ice blocks of Igloofest. By all accounts, the chilly Montreal event went over well for all the bundled-up dance music lovers in attendance. Certainly attendees remember catching ice-cold sets from i_O and Rezz. If not, EDMTunes’ on-site writers thoroughly catalog the frozen festivities. Unfortunately, we can’t have eyes and ears at all places at once. So, some sets are able to trickle through the cracks. For instance, Rüfüs Du Sol dropped a funky little set that you might’ve missed. Luckily for us all, they recently uploaded the full set to their SoundCloud.

Igloofest hosted Rufus Du Sol last month and they definitlely dropped a killer set. Luckyily for those of us who couldn't make it, the just uploaded the whole set!
Cover Art for RÜFÜS Du Sol’S Igloofest set recording. Listen now on SoundCloud!

Now, some of you may be sick of Rüfüs Du Sol at this point. Certainly, they’ve been all over the globe, killing it everywhere they go. With that level of success and attention, it’s easy for artists to become stale after a while.

Furthermore, if you fortunately catch one of their recent performances, it’s probably a live set. This time around, the revelers of Igloofest receive the DJ set treatment.

Although a DJ set will never compare to a live set, this is a special mix because of what a live set cannot offer. A live RDS set is always going to be just that- a live set of only Rüfüs’ songs. In this Igloofest DJ set, we get to hear the best of Rüfüs Du Sol and a light dusting of some other great tracks.

For instance, hearing RDS’ ‘Eyes‘ melt into Kellerkind‘s remix of Ante Perry & Dayne S‘ ‘Bam Bam,’ around the 10 minute mark, definitely sends chills down your spine. You’ll hear them bounce back and forth between their original cuts and remix tracks throughout the entire mix.

Above all, this Igloofest set is a chilling reminder of just how much talent Rüfüs Du Sol possesses. See for yourself and give it a listen.