The dance music community has been waiting for the return of one of its popular figures since 2017, Pretty Lights. After a long wait, there may be a possibility that he will be making a return real soon. He was recently seen back in the studio creating some new music.

Jan Hooks of Illuminati Congo posted a photo of Pretty Lights making music on his Instagram. The caption states, “Sound sorcery with the G’s @prettylights and @motifvmusic“. In case you aren’t sure who Motifv is, he is PL’s younger brother. This makes the news even more exciting since it looks like a family collab is in the works.

Unfortunately, it has not been confirmed what these artists are doing in the studio. No one has been able to determine if it is new Pretty Lights content or something else entirely. Surely, more news will come along soon.

Stay tuned for more updates on the possible return of Pretty Lights!