Apple Warns Coronavirus Will Impact iPhone Supply

In an official press release, Apple announced that the supply and demand of iPhones have been impacted by the recent coronavirus outbreak.

This comes as no surprise since the majority of devices are assembled in China. Additionally, the Chinese market is Apple’s third-largest customer base. And yes, although all products are designed in California, this doesn’t mean your device is manufactured and assembled there too. Not ideal for the company, who recently copped a $27 million fine. Ouch.

In their statement, Apple confirmed all iPhone manufacturing partner sites have re-opened, which are located outside of the Hubei Province. The coronavirus outbreak was first identified in the capital of Hubei, which remains in lockdown. Apple places the health and well-being of employees as their priority. Therefore, the tech giants are working closely with suppliers and public health experts to help these people and return operations back to normal. Unfortunately, despite best efforts, this has proven slower than anticipated.

Demand for the popular device in China has also slowed, with the outbreak causing the temporary closure or reduced operating hours of stores. With shoppers quarantined or shying away from public spaces to avoid the virus, foot traffic has also declined.

Apple affirms that customer demand for its products and services remains consistent outside of China and that this disruption is temporary.

The extent of the coronavirus has killed over 2,000 people as well as infected 75,000. Make sure to practice good hygiene and wash your hands fam!