After a short delay, the Motorola RAZR is finally a step closer to being in your hands. Since the first leaks last year, Motorola fans have been dying to get their hands on the redesigned RAZR. Initially, the new device was scheduled to go on sale on December 26th of last year. Due to higher than expected demand, Motorola decided to postpone the launch to ensure there would be enough phones for everyone who pre-ordered.

News of the delay disappointed many fans; however, we’re appreciative that Motorola didn’t decide to rush the launch. We all know what happens when new technology, especially foldable smartphones, are rushed to meet a deadline. Nevertheless, the official pre-order date is now set for January 26th. The RAZR will then hit shelves the following week on February 6th.

Compared to other foldable smartphones, the RAZR will be entirely different. The most obvious difference is the way the screen opens and closes – the RAZR folds like an old school flip phone. This small, yet satisfying detail is responsible for attracting so many to the device. Additionally, the RAZR is officially the cheapest foldable smartphone one can buy at the moment. Compared to the $2000 Galaxy Fold, the RAZR comes in at $1500.

Still, the new Motorola RAZR is still more expensive than other top tier smartphones. If you’re buying this device, you’re buying it for the foldable screen. Everything else spec-wise can likely be found in a cheaper device, but the folding screen is one of a kind. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to pre-order the phone from Motorola’s website here or from Verizon, the official carrier. You can also read more about the RAZR’s features and specs here!