Insomniac’s Middlelands Might Be Returning In 2021

It never hurts to comment random thoughts and opinions on your favorite(s) social media every now and then.

Insomniac’s Middlelands Festival was held in 2017. Sadly, that was the first and only time since then. While it received positive reviews from attendees, there were issues with the residents living in Todd Mission, Texas. Even though the location is 55 miles outside of Houston, the sound was heard by its neighbors.

It’s a fairly common occurrence with festivals but sometimes there’s not much that can be done to help prevent the issue for the following year. A town hall meeting was scheduled for residents to air their grievances but the meeting was canceled later on.

At one point in 2018, Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac’s founder, posted on social media some videos of him scouting new locations. It gave many fans something to look forward to but all has been quiet on that front since.

However, this was spotted today on Rotella’s latest Instagram post! A fan commented, “Bring back Middlelands” in which the boss replied with “very close. 2021 looking good”.

Well, this is a perfect example of Pasquale’s determination to give his fans what they want. He may have thousands of people messaging him nonstop, but it looks like he does read most of them, if not all! We hope for more information soon but for now we’ll put it back on our radars.