Pasquale Scouts New Middlelands location


Pasquale Rotella is hard at work, as seen on his Instagram story, this time scouting out a new location for Middlelands. Middlelands was introduced at the Texas Renaissance Festival but after complaints, the location decided against continuing to host the multiday electronic music festival. More than 60,000 showed up for the inaugural festival and although local businesses benefited from the surplus of visitors, not everyone was happy. Residents complained about traffic and noise from the festival sound system.

A town hall meeting was scheduled for residents to air their grievances but the meeting was canceled and the issue went unresolved. Tension between the local community and Middlelands organizers heightened. Word going around was that Pasquale did not show up to the scheduled meeting and he clarified the situation on his Instagram. He had flown into Texas in an effort to patch relationships but did not get the opportunity.

Following the announcement by Texas Renaissance Festival to not host Middlelands again, event organizers released a statement expressing their disappointment. However, fans who hope to return to the festival or missed the chance to attend might get a chance at a different location next year.

Pasquale’s Instagram stories show him already planning for next year. Just before the 4th of July celebrations,producing the most memorable events for headliners was still on his mind. He showed followers locations covered in a blanket of green trees and a river, asking for opinions. Locations shown in the Instagram stories have not been disclosed but appear to be well suited for camping. However next time around Insomniac will have to build a Renaissance Village on the property.

Even though the next installation of Middlelands might not be until next year, Pasquale is thinking ahead to ensure fans will not be disappointed. Known for being particular about logistics and putting great detail into planning, Pasquale will probably be making improvements to the festival.