Resident Advisor (aka RA) is one of the prime sources for information about clubs, events and Electronic Music news. On this occasion, RA posted an in-depth article that relates the EDM industry to the situation of the World.

In this publication, you can find 6 key points that Resident Advisor’s writers considered highlights of the year around the world. These key points describe how world trends impact on the EDM industry.

  1. Techno morphs – links the techno boom of 2019 with the word of the year. This point describes the evolution of techno from last year to today.
  2. A new era for queer nightlife in Berlin and beyond – the title says all – Queer nightlife is expanding, as the people producing it become more diverse. The scene is getting more inclusive and more vibrant.
  3. Formats stay in flux – DJ gear remains almost constant this year although some of the artists keep playing with vinyl.
  4. Fresh urgency for dance music activism – describes how electronic music can be used as weapons in demonstrations or political discrepancies.
  5. Social media’s complicated dominance – links social media with fast growth for artists but also as a dangerous double-edged weapon
  6. The climate crisis comes to the fore – relates climate crisis to new measures that clubs and events are taking into consideration for future editions.

Resident Advisor managed to build an article that merges the World’s actual, real-life situation with the EDM industry response. Make sure to check the full post at Resident Advisor’s site in this link.

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