Official Avicii Video Game “AVICII Invector” Released Today

With emotions hit hard after a memorable tribute concert held in Stockholm, Sweden last week, a brand new video game celebrating the life of Avicii has been released. AVICII Invector, a rhythmic-action styled video game, carries players through various outer space landscapes as they hit musical notes. Through their intergalactic journey, players navigate their spaceship to the iconic music of Avicii.

The game first launched on PS4 back in 2017 but is now available on PC and Xbox One. Before Tim’s tragic passing, he and developer HelloThere Games, set to create a first of its kind music and game experience. AVICII Invector does just that, featuring 25 of Tim’s most cherished songs including ‘Levels’, ‘Without You’, and ‘Hey Brother’. Whether you’re into video games or not, this particular game is a must-have for any Tim Bergling fan.

Perfect for solo or group play, AVICII Invector also offers a four-person split-screen experience. Improve your high score to make global leaderboards with your fellow Avicii family. In addition, there are three complexity levels for each journey as you improve your skills. Nonetheless, we see this game as the perfect gift with the holidays just around the corner.

With the game’s release, 25% of the profits will go straight to the Tim Bergling Foundation. Through this, your purchase will support those struggling with mental health around the world.

Check out more about AVICII Invector here and take a look at the game’s trailer below:

AVICII Invector Trailer