The Power of The Music Turns Protest in Lebanon Into Rave

A massive group of people in Lebanon held a massive protest against government measures. Fortunately, the power and magic of music turned this huge protest into a street party.

Although there can be negative consequences resulting from massive protests in modern society could have, in this instance the protest ended well. This protest ended with everyone dancing and enjoying an improvised DJ set.

On this occasion, random local DJs calmed the atmosphere and took the demonstrators to a more peaceful protest in Lebanon. These local heroes played some EDM bangers and also a tune that became the anthem of the protest. ‘Baby Shark’ is their new ‘Bella Ciao’ and it was played many times on the protest night. Despite the loud noise, this childish song calmed kids at the protest and was the tune of the night. This is certainly a cool way to fight for your rights – and against measures that people do not like.

After a week of protests, the Lebanese government has agreed on reforms to help with the country’s financial crisis. In addition to that, people also gathered to fight against abusive taxes such as the one applied to WhatsApp calls. Thanks to the reaction of the population of Lebanon with this protest, it will be thrown out.

In conclusion, the government has not fulfilled every desire of the demonstrators. However, this protest-turned-rave proves that there are many ways to get a message across peacefully. This is certainly an event that will go down in history.