New Web App Allows You To Make Spotify and Apple Music Playlists from DJ Sets

Have you ever wanted to seamlessly create playlists based on your favorite DJ sets? Tired of going through Spotify and Apple Music to manually re-create your favorite sets? Well, you are in luck, because a Reddit user has a solution for you. Furthermore, this user happens to be Reddit’s very own u/iAligator. He has created a brand new exciting web app Playlistify, which allows the user to create Spotify/Apple Music playlists from concerts, shows, etc.

After all, it is exhausting going through set-lists to create playlists. Uniquely, Playlistify pulls from, or All you need to do is enter the tracklist’s URL over on and it generates the playlist for you. This is a game-changer for the music world. In particular, those who attend festivals will be able to reminisce on the songs from their favorite sets with ease.

Realistically, these new technologies have allowed for more exposure for electronic music over the past decade. Furthermore, other music genres also benefit from these adaptations and growths in technology. As a result of this growth, we seem to be blessed with new music-focused applications more often than not. Music, much like technology, is in a constant state of movement – by nature, it is ever-changing and individualistic. As avid festival-goers ourselves, we are stoked to check out this app and see what the hype is all about.

Try this Playlistify out today!

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