The new season of Rick & Morty is upon us, and once more, a couple of DJ’s have taken voice samples from the zany characters to create an EDM banger. This time, Mexican DJ’s BZARS & Gamboa have created a fire Tech-House track centered around the voices of both Morty and Rick from various moments of the show. This collaboration features an irresistible Four On The Floor drum pattern that bangs hard anywhere from your headphones to the clubs.

“I’m really happy for this tune, since I’ve always wanted to tribute Rick And Morty somehow, I’ve been playing this track on clubs and I find amazing how the crowd reacts when they find out it’s a remix from Rick And Morty”

Fittingly enough, Show Me What You Got​ features samples from the Rick And Morty episode where both characters create a beat to save the earth from its apparently destruction (​“Get Schiwfty” / 5th Episode / 2nd Season​). The song kicks off with a down pitched vocal chop and an off-beat clap. The full hype of Rick And Morty’s season 4 release is brought to the dance floor with detuned synths chords, deep grooves and an addictive house beat.

The fourth season of the animated show debuted on November 10, 2019. It’s will consist of 10 episodes. The first five episodes of the season are premiering weekly, and the remaining five don’t have a release date yet.

This track is the first of many releases ​Gamboa has planned facing his ​2020 EDC México performance. Be sure to check out the track below and stay tuned for more!