Spotify Announces Its Own Music Awards Show

The Grammys aren’t the only one preparing for an awards show in the coming months. Spotify announced that it will host its own awards show on March 5th in Mexico City.

Unlike most awards shows, streaming choices will be the base for winning criteria, no matter the genre. User-generated data will be the deciding factor on who goes home with an award.

“You can get excited for an awards ceremony that actually speaks to what the people are streaming,”

Spotify said in its announcement.

The Spotify Awards will broadcast live from the streaming capital of the world through a partnership with Turner Latin America. Mexico City has the most listeners on Spotify globally, more so than New York City, London and Paris. With this year’s Grammy nominees just announced, it will be interesting how the artists stack up to Spotify’s winners. In the meantime, you can listen to EDMTunes Spotify playlist until March 5th.

Spotify has made moves over the last year. Its popularity has skyrocketed, seeing as it is the most used music streaming service. Additionally, it has also made a lot of changes to make the experience better for its users, including the addition of extensive podcast options. “New Music Friday” is also a fantastic feature, one which we absolutely love here at EDMTunes. It has been fascinating to see the growth of this company, and we are excited to witness Spotify’s Awards Show.