Eric Prydz Jumps to Defend Camalphat From Seth Troxler

American DJ/Producer Seth Troxler has jumped into the spotlight once again. This time, for throwing shade at British duo Camelphat. Things got so big, Swedish DJ/Producer Eric Prydz decided to intervene. The whole thing took place on Twitter.

Twitter Beef

The EDM industry is full of genres, specters, and opinions. Thousands of artists, promoters, owners, and fans take part in this industry and while doing so, share their opinions on what’s best, at least according to them. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, however, there are better ways to express your points of view, and respect is something we should always take into account when speaking up (PLUR, remember?). This time, it was up to Seth Troxler to give us a perfect example of the wrong way to express and opinion.

It all started after Troxler shared an Instagram story throwing shade Camelphat’s way. The story clearly showed Troxler hating on the British’s duo twitter definition. You can check it by yourself below

Camelphat has gathered millions of fans around the world with amazing tracks such as ‘Cola’ and ‘Constellations’. Seth Troxler doesn’t seem to be one of them. A couple of hours later, the British duo would take over the social network to answer the American DJ

This led to huge debates all over the place. People backing Camelphat. People backing Troxler. Debates about what’s EDM and what’s not. Opinions, hate, and all-around PLUR less vibes. It was at that moment when another huge voice would enter the debate.

Prydz enters the debate

Swedish DJ/Producer Eric Prydz, considered one of the top progressive house artists of all time, decided to step in and back Camelphat. Prydz dropped a series of tweets criticizing Troxler for hating on the duo while praising the DJs as well. You can read the whole thread below.

After all the commotion, Troxler decided to reply, defending his right to express himself, probably not the best step to take, but hey, that’s what the internet’s for.

So, let us know! Do you agree with Troxler? Do you feel he was in the wrong? What’s your opinion about Camelphat and today’s tech-house industry?