Ah, December. It’s that special time of year for making holiday wishes, and hoping they’ll come true. Therefore, it should come as no surprise when our inboxes start getting lit up with “holiday cheer” by loved ones looking to appease their ambitious desires. With that in mind, it’s foreseeable that Flume’s wish list is making headlines all the way from down under. Speaking with Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday, the Grammy-nominated producer reveals his aspirations for collaborations with Frank Ocean and Rhianna. In typical holiday fashion, he even proposes sliding into Rihanna’s DMs to make those dreams a reality.

Frank Ocean and Rhianna are at the top of Grammy-nominated Flume's wish list of collabs.

Seemingly, every day is a holiday for artists who get to spend their time traveling and rocking shows. However, they’re no different when it comes to having those lusty, end-of-year hopes and dreams. In fact, it’s likely solid evidence of their effort to continue reaching new heights in their careers.

As a result, Flume’s wish list should be a very intriguing subject for fans of all three artists. In particular, artists like Rhianna thrive off of killer productions that lead to chart-topping mega-hits. If the Grammys do nothing else, they identify who’s ready to take over the industry. Certainly, the producers all know this and that makes Flume’s shameless name dropping all the more interesting. This is particularly true considering that ‘Hi This Is Flume’ is a best dance/electronic album candidate despite an absence of eye-popping features. You can peep the full album below.

With all this attention, it will be interesting to see if more names from Flume’s wish list will be revealed. Moreover, we’re all waiting to see if he gets any response from Frank or Rhianna. Regardless, it sounds like Flume’s already plotting another album—and there’s no better gift he could be giving his fans.