Yotto Presents ‘Odd One Out Mixtape 01’

As Yotto grows his imprint’s output, the producer is presenting us with the ‘Odd One Out Mixtape 01‘. So far, the label has seen his own releases of ‘Shifter‘, ‘Nova‘, and ‘Is This Trance?‘. Releasing the mix, Yotto commented on it in his traditional fashion.

“There’s a very bad episode of Friends where Chandler recycles an old mixtape from his former lover. This is that mixtape. Music from me, my friends, my favourites and my enemies. Odd One Out Mixtape 01.”

Top to bottom, the mix is scattered with a grouping of talented producers from a variety of labels. On it, you’ll hear the likes of Erkka, Nox Vahn, Cid Inc, Undercatt, Quivver, Nicole Moudaber, and many more.

Yotto brought us this announcement amidst his Odd One Out tour which kicked off recently. To keep up with his schedule and catch his brand new show, refer to the link here.

Listen to Yotto’s stacked ‘Odd One Out Mixtape 01’ below!