The Daft Punk Orchestra Returns With Must-Watch Performances

The Daft Punk Orchestra is back for another season, and this time you don’t want to miss out. Re:Imagine‘s orchestral rendition of Daft Punk has become one of UK’s most sought-after musical experiences and Highest Point is bringing it to Morecambe.

With over 80 sold-out shows performed, this season starts in December. The 16 piece orchestra will be performing on Friday, December 6th at the amazing Morecambe Winter Gardens in the UK.

With Daft Punk being on hiatus now for some time, the concert comes at a good time for fans. Their last collaboration was with The Weeknd over 3 years ago. Nonetheless, rumors have it a Coldplay collaboration is in the works.

For more information regarding this performance, you can get tickets here.