Dutch Actress Sentenced to Jail for Dealing Drugs at Tomorrowland

There are many ways to make easy money. Dealing drugs at a music festival is not one of them, and Dutch actress Imanuelle Grives learned this the hard way, having just been sentenced to a two-year jail term in Belgium for dealing illegal drugs at Tomorrowland. That’s just one of the 460 drug-related arrests at the festival this year.

Back in July, the police arrested Grives onsite for carrying a large number of drugs. Substances found under her possession included ecstasy, MDMA, ketamine, and cocaine. A follow-up search of an Airbnb she had rented further revealed more than 20g of cocaine and around 100 pills. Consequently, she was charged with suspicion of the trafficking and possession of psychotropic substances.

Imanuelle Grives leaving the court in Antwerp [Source: RTL Nieuws]
Imanuelle Grives leaving the court in Antwerp [Source: RTL Nieuws]

Initially, the actress’ lawyer had explained that this was part of an “experiment” for a new TV show. Specifically, Grives had wanted to learn firsthand what it was like to deal at a festival for an upcoming role. Yet, said TV show was never mentioned in court. The unnamed lawyer later added, “She now realizes it was a very stupid action“.

Imanuelle Grives is fairly popular among the Dutch-speaking community, most notably for her role in long-running show Flikken Maastricht and a Belgian comedy-drama Only Decent People.