Monolink Announces Deluxe ‘Amniotic’ LP

Monolink just announced the release of a deluxe version of his debut album Amniotic out in 2018.

The German DJ and producer want this Deluxe edition to be the accomplishment of his first album‘s era. Thus, he will be honoring it with a give-away. The album will include new remixes, live edits, acoustic versions, and some unreleased tracks.

“My debut album Amniotic has been a long time in the making and promoting…Many years in many continents writing, recording, promoting and touring it. So now that this journey is ending and as I move onto my next album, I wanted to close the door by releasing a new version for my fans.”


One of the most surprising and awaited tracks of the album is a remix of ‘Take Me Home‘ from fellow German Purple Disco Machine

“While my own music is not in such a similar style to Monolink, I am a big fan of what he does and him as a person.”

Purple Disco Machine

The original production is some Burning Man material with a meditative sound along with profound hard-truth lyrics. However, Purple Disco Machine managed to turn it into a dance track, while still keeping the sunset groove vibes.

As the original already has an understated laid-back funk feel, I went in the direction of enhancing that and adding in a trippy 303 acid line, but still keeping it hazy for that sunset or after-hours vibe rather than full-on club

Purple Disco Machine

The full deluxe album will be out on December 13th. But you can already listen to Purple Disco Machine’s remix of ‘Take Me Home’ below. Additionally, a special four-track remix package will be out on 12” vinyl on December 6.