Samsung Shows Off “Flip Phone” Styled Folding Smartphone

After recovering from major issues with the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is already gearing up for their next folding smartphone. It’s nearly 2020 and folding devices look to be staying for the time being. Yesterday, Samsung held its annual developer conference in San Jose, California. In all, much of the event was spent on their new software, One UI 2. If you paid close attention, their presentation also hinted at a new folding device.

“This brand-new form factor that we’re now exploring will not only easily fit in your pocket, but it also changes the way you use your phone.”

Hyesoon Jeong

Unlike the current Galaxy Fold which folds horizontally, this new design closely resembles a classic flip phone. Additionally, this “clamshell” design looks to be more compact and pocket-friendly. Still, renders and photos like seen above, almost always look perfect. When looking at Samsung’s previous problems with the Fold, we hope they take their time to perfect this product before release. All in all, Samsung is not giving up on the folding universe and believes they’re heading in the right direction.

Despite getting a sneak peak into the future of foldable smartphones, there’s no word on when to expect this device. Unfortunately, Samsung refrained from sharing any technical specs on the device as well. We can expect to see the future release of the One UI 2 software on the new folding device. In short One UI 2 will offer better reachability for one handed use, dark mode, and “more vibrant hues”.

You can learn more about what occurred at Samsung’s Developer Conference yesterday here.