Samsung Rumored to be Working on Second Foldable Smartphone

If one folding device wasn’t enough, Samsung is apparently working on a new, more practical folding smartphone. A new report from Bloomberg suggests that the tech giant is working on a folding device, similar to the old style flip phone. It’s not clear if Samsung is giving up on the Galaxy Fold or if they are simply expanding their products. Regardless, we hope the technology is perfected enough to avoid a launch nightmare like the Fold experienced.

The new mystery device is rumored to have a 6.7 inch display. Unlike the Fold, the screen will fold in half, into a square. This feature will likely make the device more pocket friendly. Still, with any folding display, there are still worries regarding the fragileness of the glass. If you remember, the Fold suffered issues with dust and debris getting under the display. Additionally, the Fold is a pretty thick device when closed entirely.

According to Bloomberg, the new folding device will be more stylish than the Fold. When the Fold was released, it was seen as more of a tech collector’s item. Not to mention, the hefty price tag made it impractical for most. If Samsung is indeed working on a clamshell folding device, they may be competing with Motorola, who has similar plans.

As of now, there’s no official confirmation from Samsung regarding the new smartphone. Bloomberg believes the device is in development and will launch in 2020.