NGHTMRE Announces Portal Tour With New Stage Production

Tyler Marenyi, better known as NGHTMRE, has been rocking the music scene lately, especially with the ongoing Alchemy Tour. If that wasn’t enough, the artist just announced a solo tour last night, with support from Crankdat, Kompany, SAYMYNAME, Wavedash, and Effin. The Portal Tour will be visiting venues across the East Coast and Midwest; and for all us West Coasters out there, no need to fret — almost half of the tour stops are blurred out, so there is still hope!

In his social media post, the artist announced he will be bringing new stage production to his shows:

NGHTMRE is finishing up The Alchemy Tour this week in San Francisco, San Diego, and Phoenix, respectively. The legendary lineup includes his good friends Slander, The Glitch Mob, and Seven Lions. NGHTMRE’s versatility to work with so many different artists has been imperative for his huge success. His talented ear has produced songs ranging from dubstep to hip hop.

Make sure to grab your tickets to The Portal Tour this Friday at 11AM PST.