Madeon Releases New Single ‘Be Fine’ During Radio Show

Madeon – Be Fine

The year of Madeon part III! In just a few weeks, Madeon’s Good Faith Live tour will finally begin stateside! But today, we received another treat. On Hugo Leclerq’s third episode of Good Faith Radio on Apple Music, the producer released his third single from his upcoming album and it is titled ‘Be Fine‘. Porter Robinson has already expressed his support on this new track, stating that it makes him”ridiculously happy.

Earlier this week, Hugo tweeted a short letter explaining that the next album has been completed but it, lately, has been a tough journey getting there

In the letter, he also explained his brief absence after premiering the Good Faith Live show at Lollapalooza. The French producer details he felt in a melancholy mental state:

“After the relief of debuting the show at Lolla I was .more spent and depressed than I expected. I couldn’t feel anything at all. It felt wrong finishing and releasing music celebrating joy when I couldn’t feel that joy at all.”

It makes sense that he releases ‘Be Fine’ after this short but impactful time period in his career. The DJ expanded on the song details during the radio show:

“It’s a song that I wrote about joy but sometimes joy is dangerous sometimes joy comes from the wrong place and being fine can mean different things. That I can understand from my own experience and mental health challenges. If but whatever you hear when you listen to it is fine too. If you listen to it and see it as a celebration of joy that’s great that’s what I want you to hear too, and if you listen to it and hear something else that’s very valued.” 

CLICK HERE to see the full post that Madeon shared on his social channels.

Hugo has perfectly shown us all with these releases that Good Faith is a very passionate and deep project of his. We’re ready!

Madeon – Be Fine