After a brief silence from Madeon since his return, we received word that his new single, ‘Be Fine‘ will be out on Wednesday! In a heartfelt note, Hugo gave us an update on the state of the album and himself.

The Post

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I have to tell you something – Today I delivered Good Faith. It’s a beautiful day. Let me tell you why it took a while. After the relief of debuting the show at Lolla I was more spent and depressed than I expected. I couldn’t feel anything at all. It felt wrong finishing and releasing music celebrating joy when I couldn’t feel that joy at all anymore. So I decided to take time and put everything on hold for a bit. I felt like I had your permission. I think I have an audience with the patience and empathy to afford me the time to be healthy. That’s the the intimate theme of this work to me : making sense of joy, making sense of darkness. Along the way, over more than three years, Good Faith has been the horizon, the reason I would fight over and over again to get healthy. I want this album, this tour and all that will come after it to paint for you the picture that’s been vividly in my mind all this time. Now it’s going to stop being mine alone and start being ours. I feel relief and I feel purposeful. Victory ! Loveyou PS : « Be Fine » is the next song from the album and it’s out Wednesday.

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The Album

On the boundary of the Good Faith Live Tour kicking off soon, you can always check out his Lollapalooza set here. This is the first time he has debuted his new live production.

Over the last few months, he has also given us a taste of his music selection with the DJ sets. Most recently, Madeon took to performing on Twitchcon’s stage which was recorded and you can find it here.

Now that the album’s delivered, we know that the release will be looming on the horizon. While there is no current news on when we can expect it, be sure it’ll come in due time. In the meantime, topping the lasting ‘All My Friends’ and ‘Dream Dream Dream’, you’ll have ‘Be Fine’ to enjoy on Wednesday.

Beyond all that, Madeon’s website is still up where you can access his music and store. Additionally, the site is linked to the Good Faith Radio section. User can submit artwork, music or remixes.

Stoked for Madeon to drop ‘Be Fine’? Stay tuned for coverage on the official release.