Madame Tussauds NY Reveals Avicii Wax Figure

A touching Avicii tribute has risen in New York. The famed Madame Tussauds New York has added a figure of Avicii to their collection.

Tom Middleton, general manager of Madame Tussauds NY spoke about his excitement about this new wax figure with Billboard. Especially, regarding this touching addition to the collection, he said:

“We are always looking to create those celebrities who have made a significant impact on their field, and I think that it’s easy to see that Avicii is one of the most iconic musicians of our generation…for us, it was the perfect opportunity in conjunction with his family to really celebrate his life and his career and allow guests to relive some of this icon’s most notable performances.”

Typically when building wax figures, a large team in the U.K. usually take about 200 measurements of the subject. Of course with the sudden passing of Avicii in 2018, this particular case had to be handled much differently. The team instead spent much time studying footage of Avicii. While carefully trying to capture the magic of his performances and his energy.


In addition to the team working tirelessly on this project, Tim Bergling’s (Avicii) parents were also involved on the project as well. Middleton also said:

“They were fantastic. They were really involved and engaged every step of the way, from the initial conversations of ‘Yes, we would love to be able to do this to celebrate his life,’ all the way through to when the first clay sculpts were done, the first paint job and to the final product.”

When world-renowned DJ and producer Avicii died in April 2018, the entire world stopped in shock. This figure in NYC will surely provide a special tribute to Avicii and his influence on the EDM world and beyond.

Avicii: 9/8/1989 – 4/20/2018