Glastonbury Festival Sells Out in 34 Minutes

Glastonbury Festival is turning 50 next year and those who don’t have tickets might have missed their chance to celebrate. 135,000 Glastonbury Festival tickets sold out in just 34 minutes.

Over two million people registered to attend the event held at Worthy Farms in Somerset.

Unfortunately, ticket holders won’t get a taste of the lineup until closer to May 2020. However, some are expecting big names to celebrate the festival’s 50th year.

In an interview with Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2, Paul McCartney said he was “starting to think about” it. The former Beatle hasn’t played the festival since 2004.

Surprisingly, this is not the quickest Glastonbury tickets have sold out. In 2015, it took just 20 minutes for all tickets to be sold.

Those still looking to get their hands on a ticket for the event can wait until the ticket resale in April. There will also be a special ballot for the sale of 50 pairs of tickets in the coming days.

In February, the festival was able to increase its capacity on the condition that the attendees use public transportation.