Electronic Duo Oliver Split

Well – this is tragic. And no, we aren’t talking about Oliver Heldens. This is the iconic nu-disco/ techno duo by the name of Oliver. Unfortunately, the smashing electronic group who dropped their first full length album in 2017 titled Full Circle is splitting up. Furthermore, the news around Oliver comes as a shock to the community, while the group actually split over a year ago. Yesterday, Oliver Vaughn took to Twitter:

“For those asking about new music, [Oliver Goldstein] and I (Vaughn) haven’t worked together in over a year. We still love and respect each other but it wasn’t working out professionally.”

Apparently, Vaughn might continue to release new music under the Oliver alias:

Who Was Oliver?


Ultimately, Oliver has been a beating heart inside the world of dance music. From performing at the world’s biggest electronic festivals, to hand-crafting digital gems in the studio, the producer / DJ duo of U-Tern and Oligee are responsible for some of the funkiest, toughest, and most diverse dance music today. Above all, the duo created remixes for everyone from Chromeo and Foster The People to Breakbot and the techno godfather Juan Atkins. As a result of this split, fans are certainly having a hard time with it. Ultimately, the duo seems to have split on good terms on a personal level. But, it seems that creative and professional differences appeared to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Speaking with Billboard upon the release of their album Full Circle in 2017, Oliver shared some insights into how they think and go about their writing process:

“Obviously we take influence from all kinds of stuff. We’re not really paying attention too much to what’s happening with electronic music. If we wanna make [something], we should make it, not follow trends or keep up with what’s popular. Let’s just do this for us, so it’s a lil’ bit self indulgent in that regard.”

Oliver – Full Circle

In conclusion, all good things must come to an end. In regards to the breakup, Oliver Vaughn did share a recent Tweet. This hints that maybe the music isn’t stopping after all.

What are your thoughts on the Oliver split?