FBI Finds Tainted Alcohol Not Responsible in Dominican Republic Deaths

After a tense several months, the FBI has released their findings about the mysterious deaths in the Dominican Republic. This past summer, three Americans mysteriously died, including a Maryland couple who were staying at a prominent resort. Tainted alcohol was initially thought to be the cause of these deaths. Investigators immediately honed in on where the alcohol was being supplied from.

“Methanol poisoning from tainted alcohol was ruled out by the FBI in these cases during the toxicology screening, and it was not the finding in any other cases of U.S. citizen deaths investigated by Dominican authorities.”

With the release of the official toxicology reports, the FBI has confirmed tainted alcohol was not responsible for these deaths. A spokesman for the State Department states that these toxicology reports are available for family members of the deceased. The question remains – how did these Americans die? We can assume that the investigation is still on-going.

Impact on Tourism

Since the unfortunate deaths this past summer, many worried travelers refrained from traveling to the Dominican Republic. Reports show that summer bookings from the U.S. fell by 74.3 percent. As a result, the Dominican Republic is suffering financially from this major drop in tourism. Now that there is some closure, tourists should feel more comfortable in traveling to the popular vacation destination.

This news should be especially relieving for those attending Holy Ship Wrecked next January. With thousands of people set for this resort styled event, it only makes sense that everyone feels safe while enjoying themselves with friends and great music. These tragedies serve as a reminder to people to be aware of their surroundings. This especially applies to visiting a new place.