Wheels and Fins Festival Leave Ticketholders Sans Refunds After Going Into Liquidation

Hey, can I get my money back? Probably not, actually, definitely not. Anyone who got tickets to Wheels and Fins in the UK will not be getting a refund any time soon. In fact, the UK-based music and action sports festival has gone into liquidation. Furthermore, poor ticket sales made the event not possible. In a statement, the promoters shared an updated regarding the festivals issues:

Due to financial constraints on our small growing independent festival we have been forced into the devastating decision that Wheels and Fins festival 2019 has been cancelled. We understand that this news will leave many of you angry and upset and we can only offer our genuine apologies. If there was any other way around this situation, we would have found it, but with ticket sales at the lowest they’ve ever been, it is simply impossible to salvage.

They continue on to explain how they were trying everything they could to avoid this scenario, and how they poured their “hearts and souls” into this festival.

wheels and fins

With headliners as big as the Friendly Fires, this comes as a huge disappointment to many fans. Fans who will miss out on the big names above, but will also not get their money back. Other big names who were to perform included Slaves, Mystery Jets, Willie J Healey, Lady Bird, Killing Giants and Ditz. Ticket prices varied from £40 to £75 for the weekend.